Berlin Swamp Fest 15.-17.9.2022

Like many other small DIY-shows and festivals in Berlin, we were severely shocked by the news that our venue of heart „Zukunft am Ostkreuz“ is facing its last days. Many parts of Berlin are changing, and so is the area sorrounding this venue. New companies need space for their endeavours, highways need to be built and culture – especially subculture – has no place in these infructural „improvements“.

But, Zukunft is fighting hard to stay a little while longer. And so we jumped to the occasion and decided to throw another edition of Berlin Swamp Fest at this great place.

Due to Corona, it’s a bit more short-notice and sponteanous as we would have liked it. We are a group of friends and lovers of Berlin subculture, we do not get any personal reimbursements for putting this festival together and do it in our spare time and on weekends. Please bear with us while we’re working hard to present the final line-up soon.

Here is the line-up thus far:

Berlin Swamp Fest 2022-Ankuendigung Juli

We are also very proud to welcome great artists to the Gallery.

Final Girls Berlin will take over the cinema with a special of fine horror film short movies for you!

Pre-sale will start soon!

Support the Underground,

Swamp Conspiracy

17. Juli 2022 um 11:34