Running Order is online!

This is the Running Order for Berlin Swamp Fest 2018
Buy your Ticket and see you next week!

Running Order Aushang Berlin Swamp Fest 2018

Here’s the PDF for you to download as well!

07. September 2018 um 08:01

See the screen presentations @ Berlin Swamp Fest 2018

These are the filmmakers that we will be presenting at the cinema at this year’s Berlin Swamp Fest V!

See here for links! Welcome artists and thank you for joining us!

Berlin Swamp Fest 2018 Filme

28. August 2018 um 08:00


Kandziora Photo with help from Andreas Steckmann created this nice teaser for the upcoming edition of Berlin Swamp Fest 2018:

Check it out and go get your ticket at KOKA36: (or Jägerklause Berlin, Bis aufs Messer Recordstore or Zukunft am Ostkreuz)

27. August 2018 um 07:49