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Artists at the Gallery

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Zarahlena – Photo Installation

Drowned Orange – Ink Illustration

Cany the Kizard – Graffiti & Mixed Media Art

Glönn – Monster Art & Illustrations

Sepsyz – Dark Art & Illustrations

Ruby Gold – Photography

Christopher Reuter – Lineart / Digital Etching

Christina Wenig – Concert Photography

Rogge Das Fell – Graffiti & Mixed Media Art

Franka Geist – Illustrations

FatimaDjamila – Drawings & Poems

Special Screenings provided by Final Girls Berlin Filmfest

🧛‍♀️ Horror Special Screening 🧟‍♀️

Screening starts on Friday at 7 pm + 11 pm

Screening starts on Saturday at 6 pm + 10 pm

Movies will run in this order:

Dark Water  (15:00)
Directed by Erin Coates & Anna Nazzari, Australia, 2020

Dark Water focuses on the narrative of a deep-sea environment that unexpectedly manifests in the walls of a grieving woman’s suburban dwelling; an impossible, flooded inner-architecture. It explores familial trauma and loss through the darkly surreal tale of a woman who discovers an ocean within her house.

F for Freaks (30:00)
Directed by Sabine Ehrl, Germany 2020

A dystopian world in which tall people hunt small ones. Gabriela (70) is deadly ill and can hardly breathe. In order to stay alive, she orders a new lung and sets out for a difficult and unpredictable journey accompanied by three outlawed bounty hunters.

They Salivate (Ils Salivent) (19:43)
Directed by Ariane Boukerche, Canada, 2020 | German Premiere

They salivate“ is the story of a kiss. A couple kiss each other in their deserted living room. The party begins and one guest drinks the couple’s last kiss.

Love You Forever (20:49)
Directed by Sepand Mashiahof, Sepehr Mashiahof & Hana Harada, USA, 2020

In a time-warped house on the spectral plain of grief, two sisters try to survive the immensity of each other’s love. As tension loops between crimson dreams and a cold reality, they must overcome their fears of one another to learn the endless power of their bond.

Possibly in Michigan (12:23)
Directed by Cecelia Condit, USA, 1983

Possibly in Michigan is a musical murder story about two girls who are followed home by a cannibal. There the victims become the aggressors.

Pizzaman (10:26)
Directed by Rosalie Kicks & Katie McBrown, USA, 2020

An eccentric elderly couple are overcome with grief and vow to never eat pizza again after their young son was run down by a delivery driver decades prior. When a new establishment Pizza Heaven rolls into town, they take revenge!

Strange Bird (14:25)
Directed by Laura Lee Bahr, USA, 2020 | European Premiere

A tech-support operator receives a series of threatening messages, thrusting her into a surreal game of stalker-and-prey.

Unfinished Business (6:53)
Directed by Mary Dauterman, USA, 2020

A male stripper has an unusual experience on the job.

Brackish (8:23)
Directed by Christa Boarini, USA, 2021

A menacing spirit lurks in the mangroves waiting for an unsuspecting victim.She is the Brackish Undertaker, cursed by the crown she wears.

MonsterDyke (4:26)
Directed by Kaye Adelaide & Mariel Scammel, Canada, 2021

A transgender sculptress who is unhappy with her experiences dating men, has a lesbian awakening when a monster sculpture she is making comes to life and rocks her world.

Death Valley (10:57)

Directed by Grace Sloan, USA, 2021

NYE 2080 and Earth is abandoned. A radiologist travels from outerspace to practice yoga in the desert when an earthquake hurls her from a cliff.

Demon Juice (14:28)

Directed by Shannon Brown, USA, 2021

A group of friends travel to a quaint vacation town for a weekend getaway, but discover a decades-old party drink that’s more dangerous than it seems.

Verified (9:06)
Directed by Ali Chappell, Canada, 2021

A lonely but hopeful insta-influencer gets bits by a zombie while live-streaming and finally gets the audiences she craves…but at what cost??

Ghoul Log (2:59)
Directed by Christine Pfister, USA, 2019

An occult feast goes awry in this hand-made stop-motion little nightmare.

Hysteria (2:47)
Directed by Jenna Payne, USA, 2021

Tired of being dismissed, chronically ill and undiagnosed patient Cassandra takes matters into her own hands, murders most of her doctors, and blows up an insurance company. A dark comedy/medical revenge inspired by the writer/director’s own battle with autoimmune disease & the US healthcare system. This short film was created during Covid-19 lockdown – mostly remotely – with backgrounds added in post.

Itch (8:27)
Directed by Susannah Farrugia, UK/Malta, 2021

A psychological horror about a novice nun who develops a severe skin condition which continues to worsen along with her mental state as she struggles with her feelings for another nun.

Inch Thick Knee Deep (17:49)
Directed by Anatasha Blakely, USA, 2021

The heat gets turned up on a seething exchange between two women. There is Quinn, a haughty daydreamer, who is stewing over a heartbreaking situation with her soulmate; and Adrienne, the woman who’s caught his eye. Once brought to a boiling point, neither woman will leave tea time without peeling back the masks they’ve painted an inch thick and revealing who they are in the face of bitterness.

It Came From the Kitchen! (7:46)
Directed by Jessica Salgado, USA, 2021

A depressed young woman avoids the mess in her apartment until her takeout order arrives without utensils, forcing her to face the horrifying mess in her kitchen.

They Called Me David (6:00)
Directed by Lindsay Hallam, UK, 2021

David was created in a lab, a strange being of immense power. But David is also just a lonely child, searching for their father.

Such Small Hands (19:10)
Written and directed by Maria Martínez Bayona, UK, 2020

At the girls’ orphanage, the group’s unchecked pack mentality alienates a new arrival. To swing the balance of power, she invents a manipulative night game.

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