Berlin Swamp Fest – Sunset Edition 2021


So guys, this is happening!

We would like to invite you to two shows on the classic Berlin Swamp Fest weekend: A lovely outside gathering amongst friends – with kick ass tunes! This is a „Sunset Edition“ as it will last until the sun is down (roughly 10pm).

NOTE: Tickets will only be available at the door. Come early and party with us!


We’ll meet in beloved Zukunft am Ostkreuz


On stage:

Cannabineros (Green Gamba Space Rock)

Annexation (Thrash Metal)
Norkh (Crusted Black Metal)
Reactory (Thrash Metal)

Tickets | 15 €
Doors: 6 pm | Start: 7 pm

CORONA INFO FOR FRIDAY: Please note that we will be asking you to bring a certificate of vax or proof of recovery. Make sure to bring a mask, you never know when you need one.


Let’s kick it at Pumptrack Berlin (An der Ostbahn 9 10243 Berlin, entrance from Ostbahnhofe side), where we start early and go until the sun’s down. Aftershow party back at Zukunft am Ostkreuz for the crazy kids who want to go all night!

On stage:
Fuchur (Heavy Rock)

Sputa (Hardcore D Beat)
HeavyHeavy (Dirty Flamingo Rock Trio)
Cryptic Brood (Rotten Death Metal)
Haik (Rock’n’Roll Extravaganza)

Tickets | 20 €
Doors: 3 pm | Start: 4 pm

CORONA INFO FOR SATURDAY: Please note that we will be asking you to bring a certificate of vax, a test (negative, as always) or proof of recovery. Make sure to bring a mask, you never know when you need one.

Be kind to each other and have fun! We are so looking forward to seeing you again!

30. August 2021 um 18:57

Artwork for Berlin Swamp Fest 2020 released

Hey Swampees,

we hope all of you are doing well! Even though, shows are on hold for now, we still want to share with you what we’ve planned for Berlin Swamp Fest 2020. Let’s hope things will be okay by then and we can all enjoy a great festival together.

Thus, we’d like to share the final artwork for the 7th edition of Berlin Swamp Fest with you, once again provided by the incredibly talented Sepsyz Art! Check his art out:

12. April 2020 um 17:32

16.3. GOATBURNER (Fin) + Sick Eater + Borders Down | Toast Hawaii

We invite you to this:

DOORS: 8 pm
START: 9 pm

Goatburner (FIN) – DEATH/SLUDGE

Goatburner took off on one burning hot summer night of 2017 in the depths of Helsinki after a few ideas were thrown around by the drummer Spider (member of Skulmagot) and guitarist/vocalist Kaos (member of Rotten Sound, Age of Woe, Morbid Evils).

The Main idea was to start writing unique songs in the vein of Death Metal heroes from the late 80’s and early 90’s with some new spices from negative sludge and powerviolence madness.

The debut album, „Extreme Conditions“, goes through the weather of today, with such unpredictability, that one could not forecast the next riff, tempo, drum beat or lyrical pattern.

Sick Eater (Berlin) – 3 Piece Sludge

Borders Down (Berlin) – Sludge Punk


presented by Swamp Conspiracy, DUSTOWN and Church of Moon

18. Februar 2020 um 07:49